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Edward & Joy Gallegos

 Email: joy@goodnewsmadera.com

Good News Ministries

Hello my name is Edward Gallegos, I appreciate you clicking onto our web-site. I'm 42 years old, born and raised in Madera and worked in construction. I was raised playing sports and I still love outdoor activities. My greatest fullfilment has been my family, and pastoring at GNM. I feel extremley honored that God has appointed me into this position of a pastor. God has blessed this ministry beyond my expectations. My greatest joy as a pastor is to help people to be reconciled back to God and to be able to be a part of helping people regain their peace, joy, and to inspire them to be strong and courageous against anything that this world throws at them. My philosophy as a believer is that there are no loosers, but only winners for those who will trust and follow Gods commands. I believe more than ever that you can have some heaven here on earth as well as eternal life with the King of Kings!