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Good News Media
 Led By: Mark Hammonds - Technical Director
 Contact Email: gnm.madera@ymail.com

Good News Media

Audio • Video • Lighting • Computer Graphics • Website • Facebook

Our new media booth has come together very quickly and is an awesome blessing. We have added our stage
lighting and controller to the media booth. The media booth seats up to five team members so we can control
sound, overhead graphics/song lyrics, lighting and now live video production with live streaming to Facebook.
We thank God for this new blessing so we can continue to share the good news of God's word with
Madera and the World. The media ministry is becoming a powerful outreach here at Good News Ministries.
I want to give a special thank you to all the people who donated and worked very hard to make this possible.
Mark Hammonds
Technical Director
Good News Ministries
The media booth is complete. We have added the video production system to the booth and full HD PTZ cameras to the sanctuary.
We are able to video record the church services and stream live video to the church Facebook page that can be seen world wide.
The videos are saved on our Facebook page for you to watch any time you like.
God is on the move at GNM!