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Pastor's Update 


Pastor Edward Gallegos

 "Coming From My Heart" 

From my point of view, I can only speak of the things I do see.  I see this here at GNM.  In my entire Christian life I've never been around a group of people that are more genuine and sincere in who they are and their relationships with one another.  They are here for one reason and one reason only and that is to pursue God with everything they've got.  When you pursue God in that way God promises that you WILL find Him and He WILL change your life.  With only that being said, the goodness , favor and the prosperity of God surrounds our ministry. God is doing explosive things in the lives of people here at GNM.  I just want to invite you to be a part of something rare, but great.  

God Bless You!

Pastor Eddie Gallegos


Pastor Edward and Joy Gallegos

Peace in the home

It's very important to have peace in the home; everyone in the family relies on the home to be a place of safety and of peace.  Our home should be free from chronic arguing, gossip and worry.  The most important aspect to having a peaceful home is to have the Word of God dictate what goes on inside the home.  In Joshua 24:15, Joshua said to a whole nation, " But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."  If one man can influence an entire nation to follow God, surely if you made that same declaration and made that same committment, your family would follow God as well.  God will back you in your stand.  Be patient and wise; the transformation may not happen overnight, but God is faithful.

God Bless,
Pastors Eddie & Joy Gallegos